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Founded in 2012, Bytebird is a system development company focusing on the embedded software design. We are an one-stop shop for designing the interdisciplinary software system including: firmware for embedded system, software and driver for PC, website for Internet, and mobile app for IOS or Android. In 2014, Bytebird cooperated with local and oversea manufacturers to provide prototype and OEM service. We integrated the manufacturing and designing process to provides a seamless transaction from design to production. Our integrated resources provided the design with best manufacturability and quality to our customers. Our off-shore manufacturers specialize in cost-sensitive production and new product packaging.


Our Goal

Our goal is to turn your idea into a sound, profitable product that helps you realize your vision and your business goals. We''ll listen to your needs and infuse intelligent, interactive design and development, then transform your idea into a complete, production-ready product.
With Bytebird, you''ll get complete product development support from start to finish. We''re committed to your vision-and to adding value that makes your product the very best it can be for your target market.


ABOUT"We received strong referrals to Bytebird from former co-workers after we inquired about someone to do Android programming for us. Their work was quick, thorough, and professional. Bytebird is also providing quick support to any post-release issues that come up.“

Jason Stewart
Engineering Manager
CDS-John Blue Co.

"Bytebird has been an extremely valuable resource for us.They have a deep understanding of technology and product design. In addition, they are highly reliable and a pleasure to work with"

Ryan Schalk
VP - Operations
iTech Digital